Does your car need a new exhaust system or a repair to its current one?

Not exactly the glamour part of a car, the exhaust. Out of sight, unappealing name and rarely mentioned unless it’s causing problems. Well, the image rehabilitation starts here.


A well-fitted, good quality exhaust removes the nasty stuff produced by your engine and keeps you, and the rest of us, breathing fresh clean air. It also acts as a silencer for your engine so you can enjoy singing along to your Sinatra CDs in the morning

At VRS Garage in Chester

So, it keeps you safe, helps the planet and introduces your beautiful voice to a wider audience – let’s hear it for the humble exhaust.


Now you know a little more about the benefits of a good exhaust system you’ll want to talk to the friendly experts at VRS Garage in Chester, who can maintain, repair and replace them – that’s us. Give us a call.

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