Find out more about why car servicing is important.

At VRS we take pride in our work and in providing quality car servicing at sensible prices. Our full service schedule complies with and protects the manufacturer’s warranty without the associated Main Dealer prices. (Government legislation passed in 2003 relating to “Block Exemption” allows VRS to carry out work on new cars because we use parts of Original Equipment (OE) quality and in accordance with manufacturer requirements.


VRS are committed to the highest standards and outstanding customer service.


At VRS no additional work will take place without your say so. We will price and prioritise all repair work and help you to plan ahead and spread the cost of repairs.

We offer both a full service and an interim

At VRS we offer both a FULL service and an INTERIM service for low mileage vehicles that don’t warrant such a thorough inspection each year.


Wherever possible we recommend combining a service with an MOT because there are elements of the MOT test that servicing does not cover e.g. brake performance readings, emissions testing and headlight aim.


At an additional charge all VRS offer a car wash and hoover. Contact your local VRS for more information.


Regular servicing extends the life of your car, improves fuel economy, reduces the risk of avoidable repair bills and the inconvenience of mechanical breakdown.


Most manufacturers recommend that their vehicles are serviced every 12 months or 12,000 miles.


The minimum road safety requirements of an MOT should not be confused as a substitute for servicing your vehicle.

Our business has been built on “word of mouth”